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Top 10 Smart Manufacturing Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

In the manufacturer sector, present day plant floors operate based on data showcasing the performance efficiency of both human and mechanical resources. A possibility that was previously shunned due to fear of security threats and exposure that could hinder a manufacturer’s progress and business growth. Currently, the convergence of information technology and operational infrastructures allows companies in the industrial areas to explore rich data on management platforms that offer a unified view of IT processes and machinery performance to mitigate their inherent challenges and drive production efficiency. A challenge for manufacturers, however, is in finding the right technology partners to guide them along the right digital path and provide the best solutions.

We bring this edition of Manufacturing Outlook after conducting a thorough research of the smart manufacturing technology services and solution providers arena and compiling a list of the best firms in the business. Capable of delivering the best advice and applications for manufacturers to attain a controlled-plant floor operational efficacy, these companies are at the forefront of transforming the way manufacturers run their factories and facilities.

In addition, the magazine also shares insights from industry experts, CIOs and CTOs from the smart manufacturing realm on the best practices to follow and applications to utilize in building a truly intelligent factory. We hope this issue of Manufacturing Outlook assists our readers to make the right choice of technology partners and build relationships that enable them to surge ahead of their digital operational challenges.

We present to you our “Top 10 Smart Manufacturing Solution Providers in Europe 2021.”

    Top Smart Manufacturing Solution Companies in Europe

  • Elisa Smart Factory is an AI and IIoT-driven software solutions provider that helps manufacturers connect and analyze data from various sources using its exquisite range of smart tools. With an extensive track record of innovation and systematic efforts to improve efficiency and quality, Elisa combines IoT technologies with automation tools and KPIs to aid its clients in digitizing their factories and improving quality and productivity. The real-time data is visualized in an easy-to-understand 3D Digital Factory view that provides full visibility into all stages of operations.

  • GlobalReader provides smart online manufacturing tools for SMEs. Using real-time data and team collaboration tools, it helps its clients save time and money. Based on the client requirements, its solutions can either be self-hosted or made available as a Subscription-as-a-Service (SaaS). These solutions offer instant notifications and aggregate data pertaining to downtimes, production plan development capabilities, maintenance scheduling, among other vital functions, thereby keeping the production floor at total capacity. They also feature intelligent dashboards available from any device and advanced analytics for continuous improvements. One can monitor, plan, and maintain the shopfloor from one’s pocket, round the clock, without even being physically present at the plant

  • MiraiTek is a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, Milan. Founded by the professors of the institute and entrepreneurs of the manufacturing automation sector, the company combines academic research, industrial experience and technological innovation, and collects the most innovative tools to support its customers throughout the digital transformation. The word Miraitek is derived from the Japanese word Miraimeaning future. Through the expertise available in the company, Miratek offers its own platform and various services and consultancies for a sustainable digital transformation of its customers

  • Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, mobility, and healthcare. Creating technologies for more resource-efficient factories and resilient supply chains to more intelligent buildings and grids, cleaner, comfortable transportation and advanced healthcare, the company empowers customers to transform the industries that form the backbone of economies, transforming the every day for billions of people



    High-quality, innovative sensor technology products are a synonym for CAPTRON since 1983. CAPTRON are a German company with further locations in China, North America and Poland as well as sales partners in over 20 countries worldwide. With a focus on expanding digital competencies and linking software with hardware, CAPTRON are developing and producing an extensive range of capacitive and optical sensors as well as complete sensor systems

  • Castolin Eutectic

    Castolin Eutectic

    Castolin Eutectic is a worldwide leading company in maintenance, surface protection and special joining using welding, brazing and coating technologies. Castolin Eutectic provide proven, value-added solutions to global industries using advanced material technology. Through an international team of more than 400 qualified application specialists, Castolin partner with its customers to reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity. Others sell products and technologies, Castolin Eutectic’s application specialists are consultants for many key industries such as cement, iron and steel or oil & gas, improving production efficiency and cost savings for their customers

  • Crosser


    Crosser designs and develops real-time software solutions for Edge Computing and next-generation real-time Enterprise Integration. The Crosser Edge Computing solution offloads Cloud services, provides real-time data processing and decision-making capabilities close to IoT sensors and IoT devices. This substantially reduces Cloud services cost and bandwidth costs and gives a millisecond response time on data streams for real-time local actions. The software is ideally suited for Enterprise customers of various industries and applications including Industrial IoT, Connected Machines, Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0 and real-time Enterprise Integration

  • De Roeve Industries

    De Roeve Industries

    De Roeve supplies industrial services for a variety of sectors and comprises 6 divisions, each of which specializes in a specific field: Automation, Installations, Industrial IT, Mechanical, Perdum and XPO

  • Shoplogix


    Shoplogix is a fast-growing and highly innovative organization focused on delivering solutions that improve plant performance for manufacturers worldwide. Shoplogix is a division of Constellation Software, the largest software company and the most successful technology stock in Canada over the last 10 years [TSX:CSU]. Shoplogix is in a unique position as it has the long-term and full backing of Constellation Software including access to their best practices and career opportunities. At the same time, Shoplogix has a highly entrepreneurial and dynamic culture given it operates as a fully autonomous company

  • Smartia


    Smartia provides scalable AI solutions that connect and transform industrial data into actionable insights. MAIO, Smartia’s industrial intelligence platform combines edge computing, big data technology and AI-driven applications to provide a complete digital solution for the manufacturing and engineering industries. Smartia also offers an AI and Machine Learning application development service that is tailored to the customer’s needs

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