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TKH Group (TWEKA : AMS): Smart Manufacturing Expertise At Its Best

Top 10 Smart Manufacturing Solutions Companies in Europe - 2022

With the emergence of new digital and smart technologies, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a major modification of processes, leading to what is being called the ‘fourth Industrial Revolution’ or ‘Industry 4.0’.Against this backdrop, the European Union’s research and innovation (R&I) programs have firmly supported the development of smart technologies and solutions that enable the European manufacturing industry to take full advantage of digital opportunities. According to Europe Smart Manufacturing Market Forecast (2022-2027), the European smart manufacturing market is expected to record a CAGR of about 4.17% during the forecast period.

One of the major benefits of integrating smart manufacturing technologies such as IoT and robotics is that robots can work without having any errors or glitches. As a result, it is expected to positively impact market growth over the forecast period. Moreover, these robots help the co-worker by doing repetitive tasks and thus drive for the use of a more skilled workforce to improve the quality of work and productivity. Smart technologies in manufacturing, achieved decreased lead-time, increased production efficiency and production output. This edition of Manufacturing Outlook Europe features “Top 10 Smart Manufacturing Solutions Providers in Europe 2022, ” and brings the spotlight onto some of the key developments in the space and how companies are leveraging smart manufacturing solutions to boost their growth. The magazine highlights companies like TKH Group and its valuable insights on automation solutions for companies to achieve high manufacturing efficiency, lower capital expenditures, and a vital level of competitiveness. Likewise, the edition also showcases Switzerland based company called Slux and its innovative Light Fidelity (LiFi) technology to develop, engineer, and deploy light communication solutions.

The edition features thought leadership articles from Bruce Ainswarth, Paul Loughnan, among others who have imparted their opinions on how smart manufacturing solutions how smart manufacturing solutions can boost production efficiency via automation and digitalization.

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    Top Smart Manufacturing Solutions Companies In Europe

  • TKH Group N.V. (TKH) is a leading technology company focused on advanced and smart technology systems in the field of Vision, Manufacturing, and Connectivity.

  • ATS Global is an Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation. They are passionate about automation, quality and IT enterprise delivering tangible business value to our customers worldwide

  • Slux


    The Swiss technology company Slux offers different ways of connecting devices without wires and radio waves—by using multiple light sources like LED, light bulbs, neon tubes, and plasma. SLUX has developed solutions to improve visible light communication, including long-distance (33km) connections around obstacles without optical visibility using complex materials

  • Gallarus Industry Solutions

    Gallarus Industry Solutions

    Gallarus provide Intelligent Machine, IT & OT solutions, and combine the key principles of Industry 4.0 to deploy Pharma 4.0 best in class solutions that address the evolving Life Science environment and production challenges, delivering exponential benefits in the form of cost saving, quality enhancement and OEE efficiencies

  • Intretech (002925 : SHE)

    Intretech (002925 : SHE)

    With the advent of Industry 4.0 and consumer IoT boom, Intretech has developed a global intelligent manufacturing system with a high level of informatization and automation to meet the increased needs for collaborative development, customisation services, flexible production and information interconnection

  • Miraitek


    Miraitek is the industrial partner for the integration of Industry 4.0 solutions for remote monitoring of machinery, analysis of the operation of production plants and improvement of their performance

  • Creative IT

    Creative IT

    Creative IT is the publisher of the Qubes software, an innovative solution for the computerization of manufacturing operations - also known as Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Based on the principle of describing company processes, the Qubes software makes it possible simply and accurately to automate the operation of the various workshops and then to produce a reliable image of the workshops on the tracking screens and indicators

  • T3 Automation

    T3 Automation

    T3 Automation, with its software development experts and technical staff, provides end-to-end solutions in industrial software, control and command systems, serves all areas of the industry, especially the automotive and sub-industry, mining, port operations, waste treatment water transmission lines



    TREE-TOWER develops innovative software tailored to specific needs to support companies in the era of smart manufacturing, providing activities for the integration of computer aided design, computer aided engineering and fast prototyping solutions, virtual testing of materials and components, digital twin of products and processes, sensor networks design and big-data analytics for production lines, intellectual property protection

  • Vector Informatik

    Vector Informatik

    Vector masters the development of automotive electronics. They are the manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry and related industries with a professional platform of tools, software components and services for developing embedded systems

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