As end-product fabrication is one of the most highly regulated industry areas, manufacturers of various wares must ensure that their shop floor offer safety for both workers and the environment. With issues such as increasing carbon emission and avoidable factory mishaps creating unwarranted delays, manufacturers must deploy efficient technology solutions that can enable them to analyze their information and make spotless decisions. And, while digitization can remedy most issues at factories and OEMs, the underlying challenge is in making manufacturers understand the benefits that technology can offer in generating efficiency and ROI.

Guiding manufacturers to make the best decisions is Elisa Smart Factory, an AI and IIoT-driven software solutions provider, that helps manufacturers connect and analyze data from various sources using its exquisite range of smart tools. With an extensive track record of innovation and systematic efforts to improve efficiency and quality, Elisa combines IoT technologies with automation tools and KPIs to aid its clients in digitizing their factories and improving quality and productivity.

Bogged down by legacy practices, and with little to no visibility of their day-to-day operational itinerary, factory managers are often clueless of the overall productivity. Such challenges often lead to subpar business outcomes. Moreover, lack of insights can lead to potential risks in the future. Elisa Smart Factory's clients transform their shop floors using digital apps and tools that provide complete digital visibility. Armed with superior automation, factory managers are able to acquire a deeper sense of visibility into the operations and can make the right decisions in improving productivity at lower costs and early returns.

The Elisa Smart Factory tool connects seamlessly to any machine, device or functional silo to harness streams of digitally monitored information and then provide a 360-degree view of all the operations across a factory.
“The real-time data is visualized in an easy-to-understand 3D Digital Factory view that provides full visibility into all stages of operations,” comments Kari Terho, General Manager at Elisa Smart Factory. Users get complete view of all factory production processes and can also drill down to machine-level details—all from a single point of access.

As different stakeholders within a factory have varied requirements, Elisa Smart Factory offers different views to upper management and floor level-managers. The management view allows key decision-makers and executives to easily understand massive amounts of data and make game-changing decisions. For floor-level managers such as a factory manager or line operator, the solution offers a full overview of all the equipment on a shop floor. Users can get direct awareness of all running procedures and any issues that needs immediate attention without having to monitor every piece of equipment individually. In addition, Elisa also offers a portable application that can run on smart devices and computers. This feature allows managers and executives to access key insights from past performance data to progress reports, and make informed business decisions from anywhere, anytime.

The real-time data is visualized in an easy-to-understand 3D Digital Factory view that provides full visibility into all stages of operations

Having garnered great success in the smart factory tech space, Elisa Smart Factory presently works with a wide variety of manufacturers from multiple industry sectors. The company maintains long-term relationships with its partners largely due to its empathy and transparency, from first integration to after-sales support.